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Fitness Training

Fitness Training Programs are for both men and woman of all ages and fitness level. We specialize in weight and body fat loss, strength and muscle development, muscle tone, endurance and core training. Our trainers will customize a training program specifically for you and your goals. Each workout will be different, strategically planned with a focus on training for muscle confusion to maximize your results and avoid a plateau. We will set weekly goals and keep accurate body composition measurements to monitor your progress. Each program includes nutrition coaching as well as a cardiovascular training program. Our trainers are 100% committed to help you achieve your goals. We are here to help you lose weight and body fat, build lean muscle, physically feel better and increase your confidence.

Private Fitness Training

Private fitness training is a personalized fitness program designed specifically for you and your goals. Train privately with one of our expert personal trainers. This training option provides exclusive attention and is the best for someone that is brand new to fitness or someone restarting a fitness program who is just a bit rusty. Our private training sessions are both 30-minutes and 60-minutes. Each individual program is based on your goals and what we prescribe you will need to succeed. Sessions are scheduled by appointment and are for both men and women.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Semi-private fitness training are workout sessions composed of 3 or 4 people that are grouped together based on similar fitness levels and goals. Semi-private sessions create a fun positive atmosphere, gives partner accountability and camaraderie among the each client in the session! This training option is great for clients who are familiar with fitness or just starting out and want to jump into a group. Also is great for clients who have been training one on one with us for a while, reached their goals, become more confidant and are ready to move in to a group. These sessions are 30 minute or 60 minute sessions and are scheduled by appointment based on your availability. Training is for both men and women and great for couples and friends!

Youth Fitness Training

Youth fitness training are sessions are for boys and girls ages 8-16. Sessions are geared specifically for your son or daughters age group, sport and activity level, and your child's fitness or sports goals. Each workout is age appropriate, teaches proper exercise form, learn healthy nutrition habits, fun and supportive to boost self esteem and confidence. Youth training can be private or semi-private (up to 3 youngsters) and are 30-minute or 60-minute sessions. Workouts will be personalized for your child's exercise level, no weights will be used until your child is at the appropriate age and physically ready. We are big on body weight training and technique, safety first. Most of the youth training will be with body weight and short aerobic bursts that get the heart pumping creating a fun, high-energy environment for the kids to enjoy! These youth fitness sessions are scheduled by appointment.

Boot Camp

Our boot camp workouts are fun, fat melting, calorie burning 30-minute sessions. These workouts are energetic and train at an upbeat tempo. Each session is led by one of our expert fitness trainers. You will never have to worry about grass stains or dirt in your shoes, the heat or freezing cold because our boot camp is conducted inside our gym, rain or shine. These large group sessions and are great for those that are ready to get in shape and have some fun getting a quick workout. We modify for everyone in each session regardless of training level. Our boot camp is available for both men and women. Call us for times and scheduling!

Muscle Tone & Endurance Training

The Muscle Tone and Endurance Training program is for women who want to lose a minimal amount of weight, increase muscular shape, and build up your endurance. The main goal is for you to tone your body and tighten up those abs for a strong lean core. This program focuses on lighter weights and high repetition strength exercises to increase your heart rate. Don't worry girls you will not bulk up on this program. Includes nutrition coaching and cardiovascular training.

Strength & Muscle Development

Our Strength and Muscle Development program is for men and women who want to build lean muscle. You will train your core/abs along with both large and small muscle groups to increase muscle growth and maximize strength throughout the body. This includes nutrition coaching and cardiovascular training to burn off any unwanted body fat while building lean muscle.

Body Fat & Weight Loss

Do you struggle with your weight and have tried everything but still can't seem to drop those unwanted pounds? Our Body Fat and Weight Loss program will get you the results you want. This program combines cardiovascular and strength training with proper nutrition coaching to help you lose weight and keep it off. Increase your energy, regain your confidence, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Never Looked Back

"I have been personal training with Scott Wissel for 3 years. He has helped me build lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and increase my athletic conditioning. I am 47 years old and I have participated in high impact sports (Motocross, snow skiing, water skiing, etc.) my entire lifetime. Training with Scott has allowed me to stay fit and has played an essential part in allowing me to continue these sports at a high level at my age."
- Pat

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