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What our Clients are saying:


Before: 232lbs - After: 139lbs

* Scott, words don't even come close to express my gratitude for you! You have challenged me in ways I didn't think possible and have helped me through so many difficult hurdles. You have truly changed my life for the better and I can't thank you enough! You have definitely chosen the right profession and you are destined for great things!


Before: 154lbs - After: 121lbs

* Scott has helped me reach my weight loss goal and get in the best shape I have ever been in. Before I had joint and back problems, my doctor told me I needed to lose weight, lower my cholesterol and lower my blood pressure, and get stronger. Personal training with Scott has changed my life and he has given me so much. I have lost 36 lbs. I feel so much better about myself. I have regained my confidence. I am more active and I have more energy. Our workouts are fun, challenging, and never the same. Scott is a great personal trainer!*


Before: 167lbs - After: 136lbs

* I found myself, at 53 years old, sitting in a chair watching TV all the time. I felt old; I ached in my back and I didn't have any energy. Not to mention that my doctor told me I had osteoporosis! This was not how I wanted to live my life! I wanted to be active, slender and not afraid to try new activities. I needed to change my life!

When I started training with Scott, I couldn't even do a lunge and get myself back up; what an eye opener! Scott was encouraging and he made working out a fun time, even though it was hard. Now I am 30 pounds lighter; I wear a size 6 for the first time since I can remember; I have muscles that I have never seen before and I am strong!

I love to garden and snow ski and now no more hurting back!


Before: Size 10 - After: Size 2

* When we started training I was a size 10, an 8 on a good day and owned a closet full of size large. Now I'm in a size 2 and wear small! I have regained my inner warrior and participate in as much chaotic fun as possible. The mud running, softball and soccer teams keep me very entertained and challenged. The encouragement you have given over our time together has been tremendous. You don't let me off the hook; you push me when you know I can take it and ease off if we may be going too hard too fast. The personal body fat challenge really opened my eyes to what tweaks I could make in my fairly healthy eating habits to increase my burn. I was shocked to knock off 3% and challenge you back to the Texas Super Spartan Race. You are a very dedicated fitness leader and without your guidance I'd still be spinning my wheels at the gym not being as productive as I am now. You rock!


Fitness Training

* I have worked out since I was 18 years old and have never had such a dedicated trainer as Scott. I work out with two other women, one 20 years younger, and although we do similar things, each workout is individualized to meet our specific needs. I am stronger and healthier than ever. We have fun while working hard. Scott is always challenging and encouraging.


* My name is Dylan, and I am 13 years old. Scott and his staff have helped me lose 30 pounds and get a lot stronger. I look and feel a lot better than I did 5 months ago and am looking forward to Dowing 8th grade football.


Sports Training

2013 Wrestling State Champion

* Working with Scott for the last few months has been great. He has pushed me farther and harder than I've ever been. I'm a wrestler so strength is very important and I need to have my muscles conditioned for the difficult matches I'll be in. Working with Scott now has given me the ability to overpower my opponents and to outlast them. I would seriously recommend Scott to anyone who is serious about getting into great shape.

Scott thank you so much for everything you did for me. I know that I wouldn't have been as successful in wrestling and won state without you pushing me to do better and get stronger to be my best.


Sports and Fitness Training

Before: 160lbs - After: 165lbs

* I have been personal training with Scott Wissel for 3 years. He has helped me build lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and increase my athletic conditioning. I am 47 years old and I have participated in high impact sports (Motocross, snow skiing, water skiing, etc.) my entire lifetime. Training with Scott has allowed me to stay fit and has played an essential part in allowing me to continue these sports at a high level at my age.


Sports and Fitness Training

Before: 269lbs - After: 246lbs

* I started working with Scott 2 months ago to lose weight and get more fit. The results I saw were amazing, I lost over 20 pounds in 2 months. My overall fitness level greatly improved in our time together, I got much stronger, gained flexibility, and overall my body feels great. I play highly competitive tournament level golf and the work with Scott also drastically improved my golf game. With the added flexibility and strength in my core, I saw a huge difference. I picked up club head speed and now hit the ball 15-20 yards farther. Thanks to being in much better shape I am playing some of the best golf of my life. Thanks Scott!