When we started training I was a size 10, an 8 on a good day and owned a closet full of size large. Now I’m in a size 2 and wear small! I have regained my inner warrior and participate in as much chaotic fun as possible. The mud running, softball and soccer teams keep me very entertained and challenged. The encouragement you have given over our time together has been tremendous. You don’t let me off the hook; you push me when you know I can take it and ease off if we may be going too hard too fast. The personal body fat challenge really opened my eyes to what tweaks I could make in my fairly healthy eating habits to increase my burn. I was shocked to knock off 3% and challenge you back to the Texas Super Spartan Race. You are a very dedicated fitness leader and without your guidance I’d still be spinning my wheels at the gym not being as productive as I am now. You rock!